DIY Half Moon Nails with Studs

Friday, 22 February 2013

Here's a nail tutorial which is pretty self explanatory - just follow the images! I'm using Essie polishes in the shades, 'Neo Whimsical' and 'Master Plan'. The little nail studs I bought on eBay from this seller here. You can buy ring binder stickers from any stationary store or on eBay. They are really useful for all types of nail art! You can also use gems or rhinestones if you'd prefer and this nail design looks great with any two colours...

*Top Tips* 
Wait until nails are COMPLETELY dry before applying the stickers and again, wait until the next colour is set before removing the stickers. You don't want to pull of your nail polish and ruin your manicure.
I applied Seche Vite top coat, popped on a stud and when it was dry I did another thin layer or top coat to seal in the stud. I've now had mine on for 2 days without any chips or any studs falling off.




  1. love them, they look so neat and classy looking!xx

  2. These look so pretty! I love the colours xx

  3. These look insane! Definitely trying this tonight xo

  4. These look amazing:) x

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  5. so pretty, I've just ordered some of these stickers, so thank you for the tip :)

  6. Love this!!
    So gorgeous
    S xx

  7. Great tutorial! I use ring binder stickers a lot in nail art, they are great! Love the studs - usually I use a cocktail stick and topcoat to stick them on, but love your idea of using a pencil with bluetac! x

  8. I love those colours, and that little stud just finishes it off. They look fab!! Really tidy too!! xXx

  9. OMG cuteness!
    reallly love it!! :D

    xoxo, Jules
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  10. I so wish I could do this. Looks amazing xxx

  11. The colours are so adorable, the nails are so cute! I love the stud detail on them.


  12. Se ven tan bonitos! Una idea genial y muy facil de hacer. Gracias por compartir!! Visita mi blog hace click aqui


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