Winter Sunglasses

Friday, 24 October 2014

If you've been a reader of This Fashion is Mine for a while you will know all about my sunglasses obsession. I have a small collection, but I like to wear them as often as possible. Just because we are well on the way to winter weather does not mean it's time to pack away the sunnies. I love a crisp bright day and when the snow falls the sunlight is bouncing around all over the place. You need to protect your eyes all year round. I've compiled a list of my favourite designer pairs to wear in the colder months. I tend to go for heavier frames, dark colours and bold oversized sunglasses. Avoid pale tinted lenses or colourful sunnies and save those for summer. I've made the following suggestions from SunglassesSave where they have a huge collection of designer brands!

Chanel 5222 | Carrera 6004 | Ray-Ban Erika | Ray-Ban Clubmasters | Ray-Ban Wayfarer | Oakley Unfaithful | Tom Ford FT0149 Aviators | Dior SOIE 2

Which are your favourites? I prefer an oversized style, in brown or tortoise shell and something with pointy corners (such as Ray Ban Clubmasters) give my round face a bit of shape and suit the natural shape of my eyes. The Chanel pair (first ones pictured) are high on my wish list!

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Current Jewellery Favourites

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Initial Bar Necklace - Onecklace
Hamsa Hand Necklace - GemsInVogue (Etsy)
Crescent Moon Ring - Fashionology
Plain Silver Rings - Fashionology

I waver between gold and silver jewellery. I think both suit my skin tone quite well, so some days I'll choose a few gold pieces and other days I'll wear all silver. At the moment I'm wearing a lot of delicate silver jewellery and layering up. Two necklaces, three or four rings and a simple watch. I'm wearing Master Plan by Essie on my nails which works so well with silver jewellery and it's just the right nude/grey shade for the time of year.

3 Ways to Wear | Blanket Scarves

Saturday, 4 October 2014

My favourite season is here! Autumn is the best time for fashion. I like to be able to layer up and wear a whole selection of my wardrobe at once! One of the biggest trends you'll see this year is the blanket scarf. Oversized, slouchy and extra wide, the blanket scarf is designed to be worn in several ways. It's multi-functional and when it's not wrapped around your neck it can be used to keep your knees warm or, I guess spread out on the ground for a picnic! Voucher Codes invited me to style up the blanket scarf on a budget and the following three looks are made up of high street brands, bought with discount codes or sale items. Which is your favourite?


These leather-look skinny jeans are incredible comfortable and stretchy. Swap them for your regular black skinnies to transform an outfit. I'm wearing this ASOS scarf wrapped loosely around my neck twice. It's so so soft and has camel-brown undertones which makes it a beautiful shade for autumn. Finish with a biker jacket or long midi-cardigan. Of course using discount found on Voucher Codes and my student discount to save money on New Look and ASOS online.


I'm changing my overall colour palette for autumn with this pastel check/tartan scarf from Warehouse. It goes perfectly with my long boyfriend blazer and I'm keeping it casual with gold converse. I've looped this blanket scarf over one shoulder. This one is my favourite for transferring into a new season. 


This scarf is an old favourite, it's so huge I can wear it as a poncho or a scarf. I hang this one over my shoulders and pair it with slimmer fitting items such as this pencil skirt. As the weather turns cooler I'll be wearing this over a coat/jacket and adding a pair of tights. Will you be trying out the blanket scarf trend this season? I'm on the look out for a wear-with-anything poncho to layer up with these scarves. I like to go big and oversized on top and keep the rest of my outfit close fitting.

Hot Rollers for Shoulder Length Hair

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

This is my first time using hot rollers. I was recommend to try them out by my hairdresser who said she saves so much time by popping these in her hair before a night out. I opted for the Diva Stay Hot Rollers. They come in three sizes; large, medium and small with colour coded grips and big spring clips. I was really impressed with how many grips came with the rollers - more than enough and they are really easy to use. The rollers themselves are in this neat stand-up box and at first I was worried I wouldn't have enough. My hair is fine but I have a lot of it and I didn't think 20 rollers would do my whole head...

But in fact even when using small sections of hair I still had a couple of rollers left over. I used the biggest barrels at the crown of my head, the medium sized barrels around the middle layers and the smallest orange rollers underneath. They heat up in 5 minutes (door closed) and then stay hot for quite a while giving you time to leisurely put them in. 

The rollers weren't burning hot to the touch - I'd say 'very warm' so I didn't think I'd be able to achieve a god curl but I was surprised that although I could hold them they did a great job of creating big ringlets! I imagine these are better for your hair that a curling wand or straighteners as the heat levels are kept low. I left them in my hair to cool for about 30 minutes. The instructions say the longer the better. You want the rollers to have cooled down completely for longer-lasting curls. 

Removing the rollers gently (not pulling on the curl) I had a full bouncy head of curls that needed taming! The curls were smooth and soft, so I just used my fingers to comb through my hair and shape/style them. I prefer big waves to tight curls and this is exactly what I was left with. 

Diva Stay Hot Rollers* - Fragrance Direct
Leopard Print Tee* - Sugar Hill Boutique

The second time I used the rollers I was much faster at putting them in - so I think with practice it would really cut down my 'getting ready' time and whilst you're waiting for them to cool you can potter around, put on makeup and choose something to wear. I'm yet to test how long the waves last on a night out and this style is definitely bigger and bouncier than I'm used to (see my mermaid waves) - so one to save for special occasions.