Heatwave 'No Makeup' Makeup

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The UK is experiencing its hottest temperatures of the year and although it's a welcome break from cold and drizzle, it can be hard work keeping any product on your face. So let's make things easier for ourselves and not use quite so much! If you've got somewhere to be or just want to look half presentable for work, then hopefully this very light 'no-makeup' look will keep you content all day long during the heat.

It's about bronzed glowing skin that looks natural. You don't want to go heavy on the foundation or concealer, this is a 'no makeup' look after all. If you have blemishes or redness to cover up use a light-medium foundation just where you need it and blend well. You could even mix your foundation with a moisturiser or sun cream to create a tinted moisturiser.

I'm pale, and I want to add some colour to my skin without going over the top. I opted for the 'light' contour kit from Sleek, the bronzer doesn't come out as muddy or too red on my skin. I forget about contouring rules and sweep this over my temples, cheeks, nose and chin very lightly with a big kabuki brush.

Highlighting only a touch on the tops of my cheekbones with a Jelly Pong Pong creamy highlighter. I like to use Mac's Utterly Game mineralize blush for my cheeks as it has plenty of coral tones perfect for summer. 

Nothing but a touch of mascara. Seriously, it's all you need. Waterproof mascara is great in case you start to sweat throughout the day. I've used a tiny bit of Benefit Roller Lash here which doesn't add much volume but does define the lashes. I've brushed through my brows and applied HD Brow Beater which is a clear setting gel and just stops them flying free. 

I tend to pop on a bit of tinted lip balm such as Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine.

Bright Running Shoes | Fitness & Fashion

Saturday, 27 June 2015

If money was infinite I'd have a gigantic collection of running shoes in all different colours, from girly pinks and turquoises to practical black and grey. I love trainers/sneakers and finding ways to style them with regular clothes as well as wearing them for their intended fitness purposes. Let's be honest, I don't actually go to the gym. But I have started playing netball again every week and I get out walking and exploring when I can - especially if I have new shoes to do it in.

These New Balance running shoes* are from SportShoes.com. They're a super bright pinky/orange colour and have touches of lime green and grey. These are listed online as a supportive shoe which is great for me and my average arched feet. They are surprisingly light-weight considering they're which is perfect, who wants to feel weighed down when running about?

For Fitness

A pair of dry fit sports leggings (these USA Pro ones have a zip pocket in the back for keeping a key inside) a loose fitting tshirt, sports bra and of course - a pair of brightly coloured running shoes. This would be my go-to netball outfit. For long walks or treks through the countryside, I'll choose anything I can move around in!

For Fashion

Skinny jeans and neutral colours let bold shoes make a statement and slimmer fitting jeans balance the boyish style that trainers can offer. I'm yet to master the art of wearing running shoes with a dress but I've seen other people do it so well. Bright and bold shoes make the best accessory to an all-black outfit too. 

8 Best Buys from IKEA

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ahh IKEA. I love their stuff. I own a lot of their stuff. And a trip to IKEA is usually a happy one, especially if I come away with new things and meatballs were involved. So I'm pleased to share with you some of my all time favourite purchases - the best of the best - the crème de la crème. Hopefully this will save you some time on your next shopping trip, everyone needs the following eight items in their home...


I use my white glossy LACK table for product photography and blog photos, as an additional surface at my desk (handy for putting the printer on) and as a table to craft on or wrap presents. Because it's short it's easy to store away under things. It only takes 5 minutes to put together too!

from 80p

There are many glass jars to choose from at IKEA in all different sizes and shapes. Some have these air tight seals and others just a lift off lid. I tend to buy one or two every time I visit and use them to store beauty bits, crafty bits or hold candles.


I have two of these! One is a fixed blue colour and the other gently changes colour. You can find them in the children's lighting department, but I think they're lovely little bedside lights for adults too!

from 95p

I swear by IKEA candles. They are cheap, smell great, burn for ages and come in unmarked glass jars which can be re-used as storage pots once you've burnt all the wax. I always stock up every time I'm at IKEA and it's exciting when they have a new scent!

from 65p

I've been quite impressed with the quality of IKEA faux flowers. Some are better and more realistic than others, but I've never found cheaper faux flowers so it's well worth a look. I'm tempted to buy more every time I visit.


If you're moving into your first home or find yourself wanting to redecorate a space, having a tool kit is quite essential. Don't rely on the boys! I'm always putting new picture frames up at work or needing a screwdriver for this or that. This tool set is so cheap and it has everything you need. The pliers come in handy for crafting or when I have a piece of jewellery that breaks. 


I've had my Lykta table lamp in white for many, many years. It still works beautifully, I use it every single night. It's not so bright it's harsh to look at, but still bright enough to read books by.

from £2.25

As a photographer I recommend IKEA picture frames to my clients all the time. I use them myself in the studio, and at home for my own pictures. They are very affordable, strong and most come with mounts included (which can be removed if you prefer) and picture wire. 


What are your all time favourite purchases from IKEA? Are there any items you always pop in to your basket when you shop there? I have a growing obsession with 'IKEA hacks' on Pinterest where people take regular IKEA furniture and turn it into something wonderful. So that may be a post for the future when I get around to trying some things out!

*This was not a sponsored post. I just love IKEA.

Lots of Lovely Things

Sunday, 21 June 2015

It's Sunday and time for a round up of all the things I've been loving recently - when this sort of stuff won't fit into any other blog post, I'm going to pull it all together and share my favourites with you here.


Gel Nails at Home

...or at a friend's home!
One of my besties has a Sensationail kit and has kindly been supplying me with gel manicures. I'm not a big fan of false nails because they do so much damage to my own, but I do love nails that last. So gel polish is a great alternative. There's minimal damage to my natural nails especially if I remove the gel carefully. I've found using the Sensationail set my manicure can last for up to 2 weeks (and that's without being very careful) and Nina's expert application helps a lot too!

Life Planner 

You may have seen my recent blog posts all about finding a planner that works for me. By using Simple Stories and Project Life inserts in a 6x8 binder, I've been able to put all my to-do lists, calendar appointments and notes into one place. Click to read more about my planner setup and how I've been using the bullet journal system. My planner has definitely been one of my favourites this month and I keep adding to it and finding new uses for the pages too.

Rose Gold

I don't own very much rose gold jewellery. It's been having its time in the spotlight the past couple of years but I've always been more of a silver jewellery type. That said, after choosing the Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes in rose gold I've been enjoying pairing it with other rose gold items such as this friendship bracelet from Links of London in rose gold and taupe. I have a 15% discount code for Daniel Wellington up until the 15th July, just use 'thisfashionismine'

Game of Thrones

I can't believe this season is over. I've waited a whole year for season 5 and it has flashed by so quickly! Don't worry I won't be giving anything away for those of you who haven't seen it or caught up yet but it was another fantastic season and well worth watching. We only have to wait until 2016 for more. What am I going to do on Monday nights now? 


Josh and I are obsessed with Homeland. We realise almost everyone else has seen it already, but better late than never right? We've just started season 3 - no spoilers please! There's lots of action and character development in every episode - it moves quickly and stuff actually happens. Unlike other American dramas it had me hooked after episode one. Very easy to watch and addictive.

iPhone Wallpapers

Pinterest has been my favourite place to find beautiful images when I'm bored of my iPhone and iPad backgrounds. I saw some lovely designs via Becky from Milk Bubble Tea's blog post and downloaded a few of her faves as well as searching Pinterest for even more. I've been switching between these summery fruit and floral wallpapers and cheesy but fun quotes. 

Amy Poehler 'Yes Please'

Here's the book everyone was talking about months ago - Amy Poehler's autobiographical 'Yes Please'. I'm a big Amy Poehler and Parks & Rec fan so I was looking forward to reading this. I'm planning on writing a full book review soon so I'll save my thoughts for that blog post, but in summary, it's very funny, honest and relatable.