Cutting Your Hair Extensions

Friday, 29 May 2015

I have an old set of inexpensive hair extensions that still match fairly well with my mix of medium and dark blonde. I bought them from eBay about 2-3 years ago to add length and volume. They're real human hair and they've been worn, loved and washed many times. But for the past year or so they've been sitting in a box unused. I had my hair cut short and all one length in 2014 and it's hovered between shoulder length and 'above-boob' length ever since. I'm really enjoying it choppy and blunt with zero layers. It feels thicker, and when I style it in the right way it looks bigger too!

But once in a while I fancy something a bit special, and I thought the best way to get use out of my old hair extensions would be to chop them (a little) and make them far more blend-able. It can seem a bit scary to cut your own hair extensions and if you have particularly pricey ones I'd recommend taking them to a hairdressers and they will do the hard work for you. But mine were quite cheap, and I was ready to take the risk. It was actually very easy to do and now, they don't add much length (they are about 2 inches longer than my own hair) but they do add volume and are perfect for a night out.

I put all the wefts into my hair, in the order and placement I find works best for me. (6 wefts in total) Pulled all my hair to the front with equal amounts on each shoulder. I used small fabric scissors as they were the sharpest I had but of course, if you have hairdressing scissors, use those. And looking ahead in a mirror I cut the extensions straight across about 3 inches longer than my own hair. I wanted blunt, choppy ends to match my own hair, making them easier to blend and blunt ends mean thicker looking ends. After taking off the length I pointed the scissors upwards to the sky and snipped teeny amounts from the ends of the extensions. This softens the choppy tips and makes them look more natural. You can hold the hair between two fingers to make sure you don't snip away too much.

They are much more wearable for me now, and I still have room to grow out my own hair a few inches and still be able to wear the extensions for volume. I won't be wearing these everyday but looking at the before and after photos makes me realise what a difference they make! I hope this encouraged some of you to take the plunge and pull out those hair extensions that are sitting in their box.

Simple Scents for Spring

Monday, 25 May 2015

I've featured The Library of Fragrance (Demeter) on my blog before, you can read that post here which goes into more detail about the company and all their unusual one-note scents.
Today I wanted to share the fragrances in my collection that are perfect for spring and summer. If you're thinking about buying a new perfume you might want to try out these before parting with a lot of cash, as each 30ml bottle is only £15 in Boots and currently it's two for £25!

As you can imagine, this fragrance is fresh, clean and light. It smells just like freshly chopped cucumber! I don't know how LoF managed to capture these scents with such accuracy but it's spot on. Lovely for spring. Spritz on generously as this one isn't very strong but if that's how you like your perfumes you'll love this.

Mountain Air 
One of my favourites. It's very fresh but with a classic 'perfumey' edge that reminds me of Marc Jacobs Daisy - but softer. Like wild flowers on a mountain top. LoF say all their scents are unisex but I think this one in particular would be suited to both sexes.

I love peony flowers, and they have their own unique scent which LoF have captured perfectly. It's not one I'd wear everyday, it's muskier than most floral fragrances but I can imagine this will be a winner with lots of people.

Apple Blossom
Girly, with mixes of floral and fruity notes! This one reminds me of the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom. A great everyday fragrance that you might not want in the winter but at this time of year it's ideal. Another favourite of mine, but then I'm always a fan of scents with fruity base notes.  

Being completely honest, I really dislike this one. It's a strong scent that's almost too natural for me. There are no hints of anything other than a strong pollen/flower smell. I've included it in this post as it's one of the new releases from LoF and for some, this may be the best smell in the world!

The beauty of The Library of Fragrance scents is that they are designed to be mixed and layered together. Looking at the above, I think Apple Blossom and Mountain Air would layer up very well, so I'll be giving that a try this week. Do you own any of the LoF fragrances? Let me know your favourites for spring or any that you are lusting after...

The Leather Satchel for Under £30

Friday, 15 May 2015

Once in a while I'll discover a real bargain online. I actually spotted mum carrying this miniature satchel and knew I had to order one for myself. I tend to gravitate towards 'XXL-hold-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink' bags but sometimes I wish I could leave the house with less to lug around. Downsizing my bag means being more selective about its contents but I loved these mini satchels so much I'm prepared to give it a go.

The satchels are from Yoshi, a brand who make lots of lovely bags in all styles (bigger satchels available). These real leather mini ones are £29.50 at the moment on Amazon, they come in a variety of colours, and it's free shipping! Last week the bags were priced at £35 (the usual retail price) so grab one quick if you want to save yourself some pennies.

I chose 'nude' which will be ideal for summer. I can see this being a bag suitable for fancy occasions as well as everyday use. Mum has the 'grey' which doesn't seem to be available anymore but it's actually much closer to a olive green than grey. Something to be aware of, the colours may not be 100% true to their on-screen photos, but I'm very happy with the nude colour, no surprises there.

They are the 8.5" Tilney and they come with a long shoulder strap (adjustable) a pocket at the front and fasten with two magnetic studs. Being real leather they are a bit stiff but strong and I can see this satchel lasting for years. Which colour will you go for? I think the fuchsia pink is next on my wish list...

Balancing Work Life with Blogging

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

This time last year I was in the midst with setting up my own photography business. The year before that I was studying hard at University but also using my free time to blog like crazy. Almost every other day without fail. And I love blogging. But occasionally I fall into a work-trap and loose my blogging head. I really feel like blogging is a habit for me, that requires practice and consistency to be both enjoyed, and done well. A week without blogging turns into a fortnight and before I know it, I've forgotten how to do it!

So how do you balance a work life with a blog life? For some lucky people blogging is their full time job but for me it's a hobby and sometimes a handy source of a little extra pocket money. So I need to earn a living - and running your own business can be time consuming and 'mind consuming'. Even when I'm not actively working I'm thinking about work. There isn't really a off switch at 5pm for me. Your own business is 24/7. So I no longer have as much free time as I did when I was a University. And with the free time I do have, I like to spend it with friends and family, I want to go out and do things (or watch a lot of YouTube videos).

I'm keen to go back to producing more blog posts again. I've missed being a frequent blogger. I think the best plan of action is to make time. Set aside a couple of hours on a 'quiet day' to write a few posts or take some blog photos. In the past I could write/shoot/edit a post all in one day. Now I don't have the luxury to do that, but I can find time to piece together posts as I go. I find myself struggling for content some days and I worry that a simple post about what I did at the weekend won't be interesting or entertaining enough for you, my readers. But I'm going to stop worrying about it so much and post what makes me happy. What some people will like, others will skip past, and vice versa.

I'd be interested to hear how many of you are bloggers as well as full-time workers. If you have written any posts similar to this one please leave me a link as I'd love to learn what steps you take to be able to blog consistently.