Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Disco Pant

Disco Pants - American Apparel
Grey Tee - H&M
Necklace - Fashionology
Rings - Fashinology and H&M
Nails - Revlon Lilac Pastelle

Yes - I bought Disco Pants! These American Apparel Disco Pants have become a bit of an internet sensation. I've wanted a pair of these for so long but just could not justify the price tag. But I realised I still really wanted them months later and after receiving a bit of money for having my work featured in a magazine I decided to treat myself!
I actually bought these online on the American Apparel US website and had them shipped to my sister who lives in Washington DC. Thus saving me a good £20. She came home for a visit and brought them with her. Thanks Megs! So no nasty shipping charges just the cheaper price tag! Obviously not everyone can do this but if you have any friends or family in the States I'd suggest asking them nicely to bring/send you a pair to save money. You can also get these on ASOS and use you're student discount to save a few pounds.

Size wise I got them in a Small. I tried on the Medium and the Small in the UK stores and I both fitted nicely although the Medium was a touch to big on the waist. I've also heard it's best to buy a size down. I'm a average UK10 if this helps anyone - and occasionally I have to buy my trousers/jeans in a 12 to compensate for my big bum! But the Disco Pants in a Small fit really well. 
They are so comfortable too. It's hard work pulling them on as they are tight and designed to hold you in - but once they are fastened they feel lovely and stretchy. I also wouldn't usually include a photo of my bum on my blog but I wanted to show the pockets and how they 'sit' for those who have only ever seen front shots.
I really like the way they look - its so hard to photograph these, so the images aren't the best.

I've read so many comments from girls on blogs about how they don't think they can pull these off or how they would never look good in a pair. My advice is to just go to American Apparel and try some on! Your'e under no obligation to buy them and take a few snaps in the mirror to look back on when you get home. I walked in to the fitting rooms with these thinking I would hate them and look hideous but I ended up falling in love. Probably not a good idea to try them on if you're wanting to save money...chances are you will fall in love too!

I wanted the classic black so I could wear them with anything. I'm a little unsure how to style them for day time wear but I'd say this look comes pretty close. For a night out I'd pair them with chunky heels, a loose cropped tshirt and plenty of jewellery. I'm keen to learn more ways to style them so any suggestions are appreciated! How do you wear yours? 

They are an investment buy and probably the most expensive fashion item I own. It's too soon to say how much wear I will get out of them but hopefully a lot! I understand these are a dream item for lots of you and a big decision when it comes to parting with your cash (it was for me anyway) so if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them!



  1. They look amazing on you! I'm so glad I don't have an AA store near me or my bank balance would have taken a serious blow by now haha xx

  2. Literally, you utter babe! How amazing do they look on you, love it with the simple tee & necklace

  3. your outfit looks so nice, and ahh i want riding pants but have to save up for them, along with the 100's of other items i want haha :) x

  4. ahhhh this is making me want them even more now! you look amazing in them! xo

  5. Disco Pants were made for you, they look amazing! I'm bargaining with myself that if I lose some weight then I can finally have a pair, I have literally been wanting discos pants for years now! I love the way you've worn them with the grey tee, I think it makes a great day time look. Perhaps try with a loose shirt for getting wear out of them in the daytime?! Seen lots of nice looks with printed blouses etc


  6. i wish i had the confidence to wear disco pants :)


  7. i've recently bought a pair of these too and i adore them! you honestly look so good in them and you will come to realise that even though they are expensive, they are sooo versatile and you can wear them with literally anything:')


    X X X

  8. omg, another person to be jealous of, why can't i have these in my life, damn you hefty price tag!xx


  9. They look so nice on you! If I ever pop past an American Apparel i'll definitely try and squeeze them on aha! xxx

  10. Your disco pants look amazing! Im now following you!


  11. You were made for disco pants! I think you would look great is just about any of the other colours as well but especially the caramel ones.


  12. I WANT THESE SO MUCH! I've wanted for ages, but can't justify the price. They had a discount on American Apparel the other day and the Disco Pants were reduced to £56 but they literally sold out straight away ha! I am determined to get a pair...eventually. You look incredible in them x


  13. I want a pair of these sooo bad! I definitely can't justify the price right now though :( Glamorous have just started stocking Disco Pants for much cheaper so I might wait to see if they get a black version in and then see if they fit as well as the AA ones :)

    Frances xx


  14. Your hair is flipping gorgeous :) x

  15. they look so great on you, but it's brought it home how much they would not suit me at all!

  16. They look lovely on you! :)

  17. Wow! How flattering are those disco pants on you! I love the look of them, but I don't know whether I could get away with them, I'm pretty short and my legs are a bit on the chunky side! Could anyone with a bottom heavy figure recommend whether they would be good?

    karen joanne xx

  18. love it on you- your figure is just perfect for this kind of pants. i like how you pair it with neutral grey top. balance is vital when it comes to fashion xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

  19. Ah, I love them! You're so right, and now I feel inspired to just go try a pair on! It can never hurt!

  20. They look amazing on you. I'd love a pair but like a lot of people I'm hesitant that they won't suit my shape and they are very expensive!


    1. If you have an american apparel near you, you have to try them, i'm sure you'll love them. They are expensive but the quality is amazing! If you don't want to spend £70, try the leggings, they are pretty much the same, just with no zip or button and they're only £30 : )

  21. Disco pants are amazing! I practically live in mine, they are zoo comfy. I want to get them in navy. They look amazing on you and show off your lovely figure.


  22. these are soooo nice, think i need to start saving :P

  23. They look lovely on you! I've wanted some disco pants for ages but I think they'll have to wait until my birthday haha xx

  24. ive been eyeing on them for such a long time too

  25. I've promised myself these if I get back down to the size I was last year... they look amazing on you my one concern is will they make my bum look smaller? I already have "the flat butt"

    also you could style these with everything and anything! a long vest top, with some high top trainers for a more casual look, they look great with oversized shirts too for an arty look, or as you have done with the t-shirt which looks amazing.

  26. I'm really unsure about the size for me, because usually I am a UK 10 as well, but the point is that I'm tall but I have a really tinny waist, so should I buy a Medium size or a Small size?
    Btw great blog, love your style and your ideas!!


  27. love this outfit! you look stunning!! x

  28. I stumbled across your blog looking on advice for how to wear/style disco pants because I've had my eye on them for a while, but likewise can't justify the price tag just yet. Thanks for a great post with photos!!

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  29. These are great pants and own 2 pairs in every color and also they now have 2 tone which I will be buying soon.Back in the 70s and 80s both genders wore them.

  30. These are great pants and own 2 pairs in every color and also they now have 2 tone which I will be buying soon.Back in the 70s and 80s both genders wore them.


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